Big Mail

Big Mail

Your inbox, upgraded.

Big Mail brings a fresh new look to your inbox, as well as an entirely new way of working with it. From advanced A.I categorisation, to its carefully crafted design, the result is less time organising your inbox, and more time enjoying it. And best of all it works with your existing email address. Say hello to Big Mail.

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Big Smarts

Big Mail is packed with advance features to make your inbox smarter and more organised, all without compromising on privacy.

Your emails organised in the blink of an A.I.

Big Mail can intelligently and automatically organise your inbox into distinct categories (we call them Scenes). Whether it's elevating important conversations, or filing away your latest purchases, Big Mail has you covered.

On device categorisation

Big Mail categorises your mail on device, meaning your emails are never shared with us or anyone else. Now that's smart.

Let your emails make a Scene

Rather than present every email in the same way, a Scene in Big Mail optimises the layout specifically for it. It makes newsletters inviting, purchases easy to find, and conversations a breeze. With six Scenes – Conversations, Newsletters, Purchases, Notifications, Events and Files – your inbox has never been more organised.

Screenshot of Conversations Scene
Screenshot of Newsletter Scene
Screenshot of Events Scene

Reply now or Reply Later.
(Probably later)

Ever receive an email but can't reply to it right away? Big Mail has a built in "Reply Later" workflow so you can pick it up later on. It even syncs across all your devices.

Screenshot of reply later

Approve new senders with The Bouncer

With Big Mail you decide who gets in your inbox. The first time someone emails you they appear in The Bouncer, then you decide if you want to receive their messages. You can change your mind anytime.

Big Design

Big Mail is a top to bottom rethink of your inbox. Not only that, but it was designed to look right at home across all your devices thanks to its entirely native iOS and macOS design.

Newsletters, taken to the edge

Enjoy a distraction free reading experience with Big Mail's immersive full screen reader mode for newsletters. Controls are tucked away, letting your newsletters shine.

Macbook showing Big Mail reader mode


Glancing marks messages as read as you scroll past them in lists – great for notifications. Inbox zero here you come.

Sender profiles

Looking for a receipt from a particular store, or the latest newsletter from your favourite writer? Profiles make it a snap.

Screenshot of sender profile

Detached attachments

Big Mail presents everything you've been sent in one easy to view and organised grid. Hunting for files in long threads is a thing of the past.


Introducing The Latest (and greatest)

The Latest gives you a bird's-eye view of everything happening in your inbox. Customise it to make it yours.

Screenshot of Big Mail in dark mode

Unified Inbox

See all your emails from multiple accounts in one unified inbox. Nice.

Magic avatars.

Big Mail automatically finds the best avatar for your messages.


Email that's fun.
(It's no joke)

We spend all day in our inbox, so why not make it fun? Big Mail is packed with whimsical flourishes and bursting with colour.

Big Privacy

Big Mail is the first mail client to be built from the ground up with privacy in mind. Finally, privacy as standard.

Throws trackers off your tracks

Did you know that some emails are tracking when and where you open them? We think that's an invasion of privacy, so we built Spy Scanner into Big Mail. It automatically detects and blocks trackers.


A business model aligned with your interests.
It makes cents.

Can a business model really be a feature? We think so. We get our money from you: not from advertisers or analytic companies. Whilst some other apps harvest and sell data from your emails, we don’t and never will. And that’s a promise you can take to the bank.


Private by design

Emails are downloaded directly from your mail provider to your device. No third party servers.

Big Mail. Small app.

Big Mail’s designed to work locally on your device without taking up lots of space. In fact, for most inboxes, Big Mail uses up to 10x less space than the default Mail app on macOS.

Try it for free

Big Mail works with most modern mail providers. Download the app and try it for free for 7 days.

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