What's New

Big Mail is getting better all the time.
Here's what you can find in the latest updates.

Big Mail 1.3

Released on 21 September 2021

iOS 15 support

  • Big Mail is ready for iOS 15

M1 Mac Support

  • Big Mail now runs blazing fast natively on Apple Silicon

Single sign on

  • You can now sign in with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL without the need for an app password

All new Scene views

  • On the Mac and iPad, we’ve added an all new edge-to-edge compact view letting you see more messages (and attachments) at once.
  • With this also brings the ability to toggle between different views on each Scene. Mix and match however you like.
  • Show unread message counter in sidebar
  • Move to the next or previous message with new buttons in the toolbar
  • Navigate to next or previous message using the keyboard (CMD + Left Arrow / Right Arrow)

Bulk Editing

  • Perform bulk actions on multiple messages at once
  • On iOS tap the “Edit” button in the top corner to bring up the new bulk menu
  • On macOS, hold down shift or command and select messages, then right click

Improved Reading Experience

  • We’ve added more details when in Reader More. Tapping the title will now expand long subjects and additional details.
  • You can now copy an address by long pressing / right clicking a sender

More sorting options

  • You can now group messages by unread, reply later, and starred
  • You can now toggle whether to group messages by conversations across all Scenes

Rendering and Speed improvements

  • We’ve improved rendering reliability for even more messages (thanks for all your reports!)
  • We’ve fixed an issue where messages would sometimes be clipped horizontally
  • Messages now open faster thanks to predictive background fetching and rendering


  • Improved settings and preferences
  • Improved error messages
  • Fixes an issue where some iCloud accounts would receive error “parse error”

Big Mail 1.2.3

Released on 23 July 2021


  • New: Access attachments when in Reader Mode
  • New: View attachments inline with the the thread
  • New: Reply to a specific message in a thread (Long press / Right click > Reply)
  • New: Permanently delete messages when in Trash
  • New on iOS: Choose either built-in browser or default system browser when opening links
  • New on macOS: Set Big Mail as your default mail client
  • New on macOS: Use the arrow keys to move back and forward through your messages when in reader mode
  • New on macOS: Go back using keyboard shortcut Command ⌘ + [


  • Fixes an issue where the back button would sometimes disappear when viewing a message
  • Fixes an issue where sent messages would not immediately appear in the conversation view
  • Fixes an issue where reply all may not have included all recipients in the correct fields
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Big Mail 1.2

Released on 07 July 2021

Bulk Actions

  • Perform bulk actions on an entire Scene
  • Mark as read, Archive or Trash everything in a Scene with a single tap
  • Access by right clicking or long pressing a Scene in the side or tab bar
  • Alternatively access through the new “More” menu in the toolbar


  • Add signatures automatically to your messages
  • Setup a default one, or one for each address you send from
  • Supports full HTML as well as rich text


  • Fixes an issue where some Conversations wouldn’t be labeled correctly
  • Fixes an issue where the timezone for events may have been incorrect
  • Fixes an issue where The Bouncer did not always obey the “disable bouncer” setting

Big Mail 1.1.1

Released on 02 July 2021


  • Adds pull to refresh to The Latest
  • Displays “Reply Later” in The Latest regardless of whether the messages are unread or not
  • Adds an option to set both incoming and outgoing IMAP port number


  • Fixes an issue where syncing would fail if “Download all messages” was selected
  • Fixes an issue where the unread indicator was incorrect for some threads
  • Fixes an issue where an error would sometimes be displayed during sync for certain mailboxes
  • Fixes an issue where deleting a thread may not delete all messages within it
  • Fixes an issue where not all attachments would appear in a thread

Big Mail 1.1

Released on 29 June 2021

Full Archive Support

  • Option to choose Archive when deleting messages (set in Preferences and Settings)
  • View and Search your Archive folder


  • New “Everything” section in sidebar makes jumping to mailboxes quicker and easier
  • Access to Junk / Spam folder
  • Sync speed enhancements
  • Adds option to set light or dark mode independent of system setting
  • Adds option to toggle copying sent items to server
  • Adds option to disable “Top Senders” in Notifications, Newsletters and Purchases
  • Swiping is now less sensitive in reader mode on macOS


  • Fixes an issue where search could sometimes cause a crash on macOS 11.4
  • Fixes an issue where some emails would not obey the font size preference
  • Fixes an issue where syncing would sometimes fail for certain accounts
  • Fixes an issue where Bouncer, Reply Later, and Scene categorisations would sometimes fail to sync
  • Fixes an issue where the unread indicator was incorrect for certain accounts
  • Fixes an issue where The Latest bouncer count wouldn’t update after approval