Frequently Asked Questions

Does Big Mail move my messages around?

No, Big Mail leaves your messages in their original folders.

Instead, Big Mail creates a special folder called "Big Mail", which syncs metadata about your messages and contacts, but not the messages themselves. Big Mail manages this folder automatically, so it's important not to remove or rename the folder.

Can I create custom Scenes / Folders?

Right now Big Mail only supports the built-in Scenes of Conversations, Notifications, Newsletters, Events and Purchases. We'll be adding custom Scenes in a future update.

Can you see my emails?

No. The Big Mail app connects directly to your mail provider meaning we can't see your messages.

Can I Snooze emails?

Big Mail has "Reply Later" feature which moves the message into a special Scene so you can reply to the message at a later date. Once you've replied to the message, it'll be removed from the Scene.

What's The Not So Big Company?

Big Mail is a product from The Not So Big Company (which you might also see referred to as NOT SO BIG TECH LIMITED). This is the legal entity that owns Big Mail.