Scenes organise your inbox based on the contents of the message, or who the message is from. Think of them like special filters on your inbox.

Big Mail will automatically show emails into the most appropriate Scene.

As Scenes are a filter on your inbox, messages in other folders won't be included in Scenes.

Big Mail has several built-in Scenes:

Screenshot of Conversations Scene
Screenshot of Newsletter Scene
Screenshot of Events Scene

A place to work and converse. Big Mail will automatically detect conversations with people and move them here.


A place for your casual reads. You choose which of your contacts you wish to be sent to this Scene.


All your receipts in one place. Receipts, invoices and other purchase related messages will be sent here.


Invites, appointments and more. Messages which contain calendar invites or other significant dates will appear here.


For miscellaneous emails. Messages from businesses, confirmations and more. By default, most non-conversation type messages will come here.

Manually moving a message

You can manually move a specific email into a Scene by long pressing on a message (on iOS) or right clicking (on macOS) and selecting “Move to…” then the Scene you wish to move the message to.

Move to

Moving all messages from a specific sender

Sometimes you may want all messages from a particular sender to go to a specific Scene, for example your favourite writer should always be sent to your Newsletter Scene.

To do this, long press on a message from that sender (right click on macOS), and select “Always Deliver to…” then the Scene. All messages (past and future) will be moved to that Scene.

Move to

Rearranging Scenes

You can customise which order Scenes appear in the app:


Long press on the tab you wish to replace, and then select the Scene you wish to replace it with.

Mac / iPad

Long press on the tab you wish to move, and drag it to the position you wish it to be in.